World Domination Fund

Potential Donor,

We don’t love giving zero back for people’s hard-earned money, so our first instinct is to direct you to our membership options. You can get bonus content and other cool perks with an Illuminati Membership. You can also check out our “wish list” for items to beef up the studio. That said, maybe you still want to donate? Maybe you’re just that rich…? Or perhaps you find us so sexy that you want to shower us in money? Well, since you put it that way…

Fine. We will take your money.

This is our World Domination Fund and it doesn’t really have a financial goal outside of filling the LSG Media coffers so we can do irresponsible things with your earnings. We have many noble endeavors we’d like to pursue at LSG Media — most notably — world domination.

To become the penultimate podcasting empire (ahem… and your overlords) we require all manner of weaponry, vehicles, slick sci-fi uniforms, weird drugs, and of course — propaganda. So please, indulge us, and we will be forever grateful (a lie). We may even spare you when the robot revolution begins…

… but probably not.

Your Overlord,

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