The obvious answer is to just listen to an episode, but if you’re too lazy for that, here are some snippets of glorious reviews from iTunes listeners:

“Insightful commentary, but the hosts drop the F-bomb to the point where it’s carpet F bombing. If you never got over the fact that your mother can no longer tell you to watch your language, this is for you.”
-Dent De Leon

“I had to quit listening after the 15th sexist remark.” 

“The podcast started with Whiney reviews “wah, it left more questions than answers” – delete delete!”

“If you want to listen to a couple of 30-something teenagers disrespect your favorite show and beloved characters and trash talk women, well, here you are. 

“The swearing and bad jokes is hard to listen to. Episodes are too long!”

“Have recently stopped as the reviewers spend half their time making pretty lame jokes. They, however, think they are hilarious…”

“This podcast is for you if you enjoy blokes who make endless references to their sexual organs.”

“… hacking while laughing.”

“The language is distracting.”

“This podcast leans with its chin and would never think of toning it down for those of us who left the F-word in our teen years.”