The Team

Dean – The Boss

For those of the sensitive persuasion this foul-mouthed Masshole will have you penning letters to the editor. But alas dear snowflakes, he is the editor. If you choose to ply his profane winds you’ll soon find a sharp wit and a cache of canny observations.

Jessica – The “Unbiased”

Equal parts wine and puppies, she oscillates from sickly sweet to utterly savage. While she always does her homework before stepping behind the mic, all that goes out the window if she decides she doesn’t like your stupid  face. You know who you are…

Matthew – The Sheriff

The newly minted Subhost of the Year (**rigged**). He is the tall glass of sweet from the heart of Dixie that stems the flow of unadulterated New England bitterness. Youthful yet astute, articulate and finely groomed – read: hipster. He owns the hearts of middle-aged women everywhere. 

Josh – The Muscle

Sometimes a job calls for a man with a certain skill set. Specifically a mustachioed man bearing a chiseled jaw and faint whiff of booze who breaks down film like a trusted sidearm. A man of simple tastes, who has long pined for the day a three-boobed alien bombshell enters his life.

Jon – The Worst

A shadowy figure filled with great and ironic disdain for TV and film. When he isn’t admiring his lack of reflection, he can be found in a darkened corner office creating works of visual splendor and quietly biding his time as his master plan slowly unfurls.

Thank you to the listeners who helped contribute to these bios. Specifically, Almost Hot Scott and Craig Deeley.

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