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The Lost Drive-In
Upcoming Releases
Rosemary’s Baby (1968) – October 14th
Dead and Buried (1981) – October 21st.
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Members Only
Upcoming Releases
Trek Talk (w/Nate) “The Big Goodbye” (Watch-a-Long) – October 15th
Tamulis Talks V.9 – October 22nd
Trek Talk (w/Nate) “Angel One” – October 29th
Red Heat (Watch-a-Long) – November 5th
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Science Fiction Film Podcast
Podcast Releases
The Science Fiction Film Podcast is no longer releasing episodes, but ‘All Prior Releases’ are still available… for now. Our final episode details are listed below:

The X-Files Podcast “Soft Light” Live Recording – Wednesday October 16th 10:00 p.m.
Podcast Releases
“Soft Light” – Sunday October 20th
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Recommissioned: A Battlestar Galactica Podcast
Podcast Releases
“Razor 1 & 2” – Saturday October 12th
“He That He That Believeth in Me” – Saturday October 19th
“The Ties That Bind” – Saturday October 26th
“Six of One” – Saturday November 2nd
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Hawkins Report: A Stranger Things Podcast
If we decide to cover Season 4, we will likely cover Season 3 ahead of that. We will keep you posted here.
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Game of Thrones Podcast
All Prior Releases

Without Limits: A Westworld Podcast
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A note on bounties…
We have decided to discontinue the bounty product. The simple reason: we want better control over our own content. We will likely still award the occasional bounty for a contest or a raffle, but that’s about it until further notice. Thank you to all who participated in purchasing bounties.