Solo Bounty

You are purchasing a Solo Bounty. This means you are commissioning us to cover a movie. See product description below.


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Pick Your Flick!
It’s that simple. Just email us your film pick after you make your purchase. We do reserve the right to veto any pick if we deem it not good podcasting material. In this case you’d be refunded.

Pick a flick that is either easy to make fun of or through-provoking enough to make good podcasting content. We’d suggest avoiding comedies.

Remember that our glorious members get discounts on bounties. That discount depends on what level of membership that you have. Discounts are only available to members with current accounts in good standing.

-We do not typically cover films that are still in the theater.
-You can’t select the hosts you want on the episode. Our scheduling can’t support that demand.
We typically have a 2-4 month back-log of episodes to cover prior to getting to your episode, so please have proper expectations on scheduling before you order.

*There are no refunds for bounties unless we veto your pick and can’t land on something we all agree on.

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