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You are purchasing an LSG Media Illuminati Membership. We have annual and monthly options available. See product description below for more details.

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All Reward Levels Get the Following:

Bonus Episodes & Early Releases
Every month the hosts at LSG Media will release a bonus episode that will be available to members only. Have a listen to the samples listed below! Additionally we will release our SFFP episodes early for our members to enjoy before the masses!


The Voting Process

Each month you will get an email (and sometimes two) that indicates that it is time to vote on a film that we will cover at the end of the month. Just follow the instructions of the email when the time comes. Remember, when you vote, your voting power will determine how much pull you have at the ballots.

Colonial Marines = 3 votes per ballot cast
Ship Captains = 4 votes per ballot cast
Jedi/Sith = 6 votes per ballot cast

We will email you when the voting is open and again when the results are calculated and a winner announced.

Illuminati Facebook Group
Your welcome email will contain a link to the members’ only group page on Facebook. Join us for some awesome conversations and insider information!

Reward Level Specific Perks

Jedi/Sith get discounts on our Solo Bounties. Those discounts are highlighted below. Please note that the “Jedi Mind Trick” is a one-time (not annual) perk.

Your discounts are as follows:
1. “Jedi Mind Trick” = 80% off of ONE Solo Bounty

2. “Force of Will” = 30% off of all future Solo Bounties

Ship Captains
Ship Captains get discounts on our Solo Bounties. Those discounts are highlighted below.

Your discounts are as follows:
1. “Commanding Presence” = 20% off of all future Solo Bounties

Colonial Marines

Colonial Marines get discounts on our Solo Bounties

Your discounts are as follow:
1. “Fleet Perks” = 10% off of all Solo Bounties

When you sign up you will get the coupon code for use at checkout!

*This is a recurring subscription that will automatically renew at the designated interval. You can cancel the auto-renewal process at any time. Purchased subscriptions are non-refundable.
**These rewards can be altered and changed at any time.
***Prices are subject to change at any time.

Additional Information

Annual or Monthly

Jedi/Sith (Annual), Jedi/Sith (Monthly), Ship Captain (Annual), Ship Captain (Monthly), Colonial Marine (Annual), Colonial Marine (Monthly)


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