Chaotic Neutral Film Commentary

“I fancy myself a lady’s man, Jeff.”

So, this week’s blog will be a tiny bit different. Rather than do my normal recap, followed by the winners and losers post-swap, this will just be a recap blog. I will then publish my updated power rankings. Now seems like as good a time as any to take another stab at those. So look out for that later today (or tomorrow). But in the meantime… Read More

Post-Swap Power Rankings

After six episodes of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, it may be time to finally update my Power Rankings, which I did pre-game. If you want to check out the original Rankings, you can find them here. If you don’t want to go through the trouble, Read More

“That was a strong attack on the Culpepper name.”

When I heard what the concept of Survivor 27 was, I am not going to lie—I was very wary. I thought bringing family members with their loved ones was another show (Amazing Race, anyone?). I thought we had already seen Redemption Island Read More

“I’d like to talk about anything other than Survivor.”

While episode two of Survivor 27 didn’t have the same punch as the first episode, it was still a pretty good one. We had a Colton meltdown (he came here to play Survivor, not Red Rover, in case anyone was wondering), serious strategy Read More

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