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“I just wanna not die.”

For the first time I can remember in Amazing Race history,  our racers had a task that seemed legitimately dangerous. Sure, I don’t wanna rappel, or bungee jump, or climb tall buildings (really, anything with heights is out for me). But going down rapids on a river in a raft you had to build? It’s a disaster waiting to happen, as we saw with many of our teams tonight. Read More

“Me, myself, my idol, and I.”

For the first time in twenty-eight seasons, three men have been voted out, in a row, to start off a season of Survivor. In addition to this fact, all three men were edited in a light that truly made it seem like they would be around longer, which is almost odder than their vote outs themselves. I am sure plenty of fun Read More

“I hate assembling more than anything in the whole world!”

I have to be honest– I am not sure if I have ever watched an episode of The Amazing Race more awkward than this one (at least since Jonathan pushed Victoria on the mat). The odds of Mallory and Mark killing each other in the middle of the leg seemed high, and it was truly painful to watch. I hope TAR producers Read More

“I don’t want to play Survivor to survive!”

First off, I have to apologize for the ridiculous delay in getting this out. This blog should typically be up for your viewing pleasure by Saturday, the latest. But I had a perfect storm of crazy events (including the stomach bug), which put this blog on the back burner. I am writing with my gatorade and popsicles close by. Read More

“I’m going to take one of these dresses & strangle myself!”

It’s hard to bury the lead here– this season of The Amazing Race will have a team racing together that don’t actually know each other (and I am not talking about Team Youtube). Read More

The Amazing Race 24: Pre-game Power Rankings

This is my first attempt at covering a season of The Amazing Race, but I figured there was no easier place to start than an All Stars season, where I am already familiar with a lot of the cast. Read More

Survivor Cagayan Cast Assessment

Brains vs beauty vs brawn… While I don’t know if I really like this idea in a cast of newbies (we are just supposed to take Probst’s word that the people are correctly categorized?), and I don’t think any of these people fit only in one tribe (except for a couple beauties), I do like the three tribe set up, and I do like a lot of these castaways already. Read More

Buffy: 5-1

I must apologize for the delay getting this out… Like Dean, I have been sick over the last week or so, which meant blogging took a back seat to sleeping and eating a lot of soup. But I’m finally back, with the final installment! Read More

Buffy: 10-6

If you missed it, check out 16-11!

10. “Chosen,” season 7, episode 22


“I just realized something. Something that never occurred to me before. We’re gonna win.” -Buffy

“I’m terrified. I didn’t think. I mean, I just figured you’d be terrified and I’d be sarcastic about it.” -Anya

“We made it. We won.” -Faith

“Chosen” gets a bad reputation, I think mainly because season 7 is not very good. Read More

Buffy: 15-11

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15. “Tabula Rasa,” season 6, episode 8


“Is this some kind of psych test? Am I getting paid for this?!” -Xander

“Magic? Magic’s all balderdash and chicanery!” -Giles

“Randy Giles? Why not call me Horny Giles, or Desperate for a Shag Giles? I knew there was a reason I hated you!” -Spike

How do you follow up a musical episode? “Tabula Rasa” definitely isn’t the worst way to go. Read More

Buffy: 20-16

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  1.  “School Hard,” season 2, episode 3


“We can’t run. That would be wrong. Can we hide?” – Willow

“I did a couple Slayers in my time. I don’t like to brag… who am I kidding? I love to brag!” -Spike

“Miss Edith speaks out of turn. She’s a bad example. No cakes today.” -Drusilla

“School Hard” is an introduction to two of the best recurring characters Buffy has to offer: Spike and Drusilla. While Spike’s storyline Read More

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