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“Namaste, bitches.”

There were a lot of things I liked about the most recent episode of Survivor, and two things I really didn’t. I didn’t like seeing the end of my favorite player this season and pre-game pick to win it all, Vytas. And I didn’t like that Caleb got booted. Not that I really care about Caleb Read More

“One mistake could cost you a million dollars.”

Tonight’s episode of Survivor was basically the Ciera Eastin show. There are a lot of crazy things that have happened in Survivor history, but voting your own mother out of the game definitely ensures that you will never be forgotten. This was also an episode where what was teased last week (Ciera betraying Laura) actually came to pass. Read More

“Just like gummy worms. Except for grosser.”

When Survivor tries to pack two Tribal Councils into one episode, the results aren’t always pretty. The episode typically feels rushed and we get very few character scenes. This week’s episode was no different. It was very straight forward, cut and dry.  But—it was also better than watching Vytas Read More

A RHAP Inspired Fantasy Draft

Happy Survivor Day!

So, I am a big Rob Has a Podcast fan. I liked Rob on Survivor: Amazon, I like listening to him talk about current Survivor (and other reality shows I enjoy), and I love his semi-annual podcast with AJ Mass (author of How Fantasy Sports Explains the World) where he talks about fantasy Read More

I Think I Like Sleepy Hollow

When I first watched the preview for FOX’s new hit show, Sleepy Hollow, I thought to myself, There is no way that this shit is real. This is a joke, right? Alas, Sleepy Hollow is very real. The joke, apparently, was on me. Not only was it real, but the show was getting decent Read More

“It’s a game, bitch.”

Tonight’s episode of Survivor surprised me. No, I was not shocked by a blindside. Nobody’s vote came out of nowhere. What surprised me was how straightforward everything was. It was clear from the beginning that Aras would go home if he didn’t win immunity. There was no real red herring. The producers never tried to trick us—tonight’s episode was Read More

“You’re not gonna break up with me are you?”

We’re quickly approaching the merge in Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and after such an entertaining pre-merge, I can’t wait to see what’s to come.

This week, for the first time all season, we got to see a lot of Kat. Which was maybe unnecessary, as it was pretty clear early Read More

Survivor 27: Pregame Power Rankings



This is my first season attempting to chronicle three months in the life of a Survivor fanatic. And with the premiere two days away, it’s time to begin with my first ever Read More

“I so wish your husband was here.”

The first episode of Blood vs. Water has aired, and after a few days of reflection, it’s time to talk about how Season 27’s new theme played out. Surprisingly (to me, and many other Survivor purists I have come across via social media), it was a good one. Read More

“You cut my baby, I’ll cut you.”

Well, let’s not bury the lead here.

Candice Woodcock-Cody did not place first in a Redemption Island duel. I know, I know… I cannot believe it either. Having Dr. John join her in the arena really seemed to soften my favorite stone cold Redemption Island assassin. Read More

“Easy votes are often the dumbest in this game.”

While episode five of Blood vs Water didn’t pack the same punch as its predecessors, it was still a solid forty-five minutes of television, and I still feel really optimistic about the way this season is going. I have never lied about my bias toward the first ten seasons of Survivor (to me, they are far and away the best), but Blood vs Water could have Read More

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