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Touring the Christmas Story House

A Christmas Story

Tis the season for watching holiday movies. It’s practically a tradition, right up there with wrapping presents, trimming trees, and slurping down copious amounts of eggnog – spiked or otherwise. Wherever your tastes reside – be it Die Hard or Bing Crosby – we can all look forward to revisiting some of our favorite holiday-themed films each year.

I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about one of my favorites. A film that, as it turns out, I happen to have a regional connection to. Read More

Battlestar Galactica “Miniseries Part 1”

Matthew and Dean finally deliver on their long anticipated coverage of Battlestar Galactica Reimagined. Matthew hasn’t seen any episode of BSG and Dean has seen every episode of BSG. This is the first time the lads have covered a show with this particular wrinkle, and it makes for some interesting conversation. LSG Media is proud to present “Recommissioned: A Battlestar Galactica Podcast”. We will be covering all four seasons with brief breaks between seasons. Expect new episodes to drop every other Thursday and occasionally every Thursday.

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8-7: The Walking Dead “Time For After”

Matthew and Dean reminisce about the first time that Matthew reached out to Dean to be a guest on his solo TWD podcast, which at the time, wasn’t an exclusive TWD podcast. Dean even digs up an old voicemail from Matthew to play for nostalgia. As for the episode, the lads get into Eugene, and they both agree that he was great. They heap plenty of praise onto Negan, Eugene, and Dwight. The also get into the leadership qualities of both Rick and Negan and how they affect the people that surround them. Does Rick have NO control over the key players in his group? Is Rick the leader or just someone that people tolerate? All descriptors that could have been used to describe Negan once upon a time, and ironically, his people seem to respect (or at least fear) Negan to the point of falling in line without going off on rogue missions. Don’t miss the episode before our last!

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2-9: Stranger Things “Chapter Nine: The Gate”

Matthew and Josh join Jessica and Dean for a special four-way discussion about season two’s finale. Matthew reads a passage out of “Heart of Thunder” (Ms. Wheeler’s romance novel), Josh and Dean debate the use of Billy, and Jessica ensures we miss no details as we plow forward. Thanks again to everyone who joined us for another excellent season of Stranger Things. We’ll see you for season three!

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#227: The Thing From Another World

This week the lads go back to 1951 complete with static camera shots, Trans-Atlantic accents, lots of cigarette smoking, and good ole’ fashioned horror. This is the movie that inspired John Carpenter, but does it stand the test of time? Is this a flick that someone will like if they watch it for the first time in 2017? You’re in luck – Dean hasn’t seen this movie before covering it for the podcast. Matthew grew up with the flick, but has his opinion changed over time? Step in out of the cold and join us in the Officer’s Club, and you will have all of the answers you’re looking for!

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2-8: Stranger Things “Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer”

Dean and Jessica have kicked Matthew back to Portland and they are finally back to work on The Hawkins Report. Jessica and Dean were both relieved to see that Stranger Things is back to form with “The Mind Flayer”, and Dean totally forgets that “The Lost Sister” happened because he opens his commentary by saying, “We pick right up where we left off…” Um, no we didn’t Dean – there was a whole episode in between. For obvious reasons Bob shines in this episode, but Jessica makes a great point by highlighting that it is hard to care about characters that are introduced in the second season. Additionally, Bob is “the other guy” and despite this we still come to love as much as “the guy” in Hopper. Another stand-out and emotional episode. Thanks to everyone who turned up in the live chat. We will see you for the finale soon!

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8-6: The Walking Dead “The King, the Widow, and Rick”

What exactly is Rick’s plan? Does it hinge on an alliance with Jadis and her junkyard pals? Why do all of the characters just run off on their own missions outside of the established plan? Is it because it makes sense or is it because the show needs them to do stuff? Does Maggie convince you that she is a leader? What’s Enid up to? What was Aaron’s boyfriend’s name again? Is Ezekiel’s “reluctant leadership” bit something we’ve seen before? All this and more as we mercifully march our way to the end of the half-season. Relax – Matthew has plenty of positive things to say.

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8-5: The Walking Dead “The Big Scary U”

Matthew and Dean agree: this is the best episode of the season. They talk Goosebumps books, Negan, and Father G. The lads appreciated the insight into the inner-workings of the Saviors leadership structure. Watching the lieutenants lose control of the Sanctuary outside of Negan’s influence was compelling, and although they weren’t incompetent it did become apparent that without Negan the Saviors would descend into chaos. Rick and Daryl’s fight was a cheesy device used to get rid of the balance-tipping weapons they just captured, but it was actually – and brace yourself – interesting to see Daryl do something different. It’s a good week of TWD. Make sure you listen to the big announcement at the end of the episode. It’s important!

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#226: The Goonies

Matthew and Dean take another swing at an 80s classic. Are you 80s’d out yet? We may be approaching our limit on nostalgia. This episode is replete with outrageous nonsense, read: The Italian man who is so overwhelmed with a woman’s hotness that he can’t have sex with her — he has to call his mother. The lads also talk about fat kids, Asian accents, pantie-shots, the apparent gullibility of Spanish-speaking people, and an imagined world in which Donner and Spielberg are terrible people. The lad’s also find the affluent Myers “money issues” to be hilarious. Warning, Dean’s lack of fondness for this movie (in retrospect) may alarm you, but fear not — Matthew (the big ‘ole sweetie-pie he is) attempts to bring a balanced opinion — even if he gets played off during his final thoughts.

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2-7: Stranger Things “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister”

In a season full of high points we’ve finally gotten a lull in the writing, and Jessica and Dean are convinced that this was the worst episode of both seasons. That’s not to say that there aren’t redeeming qualities (aesthetic, Eleven, and some cool power displays from Kali), but there is a lot of super-hero movie and Sith/Jedi dynamics on display — both of which are a bit overplayed. Despite the limitations in this week’s episode, Jessica and Dean manage quite a few laughs – especially when “The Craft” comes up and we get a glimpse into Jessica’s childhood.

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Star Trek Discovery; Into the Forest I Go

Welcome to my recap of episode nine (the mid-season finale) of Star Trek Discovery, Into the Forest I Go. (A quote by Scottish/American conservationist John Muir).

This is the first TV Trek since 2005, so dust off your director’s cut DVD of Star Trek Five – The Final Frontier and get ready to Boldly go once more.

Episode Nine – Into the Forest I Go

This blog contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched episode nine yet – What are you? A green-blooded hobgoblin? This review will definitely Read More

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