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7-3: Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice”

Don’t misbehave this week or your aunty will send you off to bed after she makes you take… a hot bath? You will likely be as confused as we were listening to Jessica describe this imagined punishment from her childhood. Dean and Jessica do get into the finer points of the Facebook group that will bring Cersei and Dany together, Jon’s expert level brooding, and Dany’s desperate need for a military strategist (and older lover) at Dragonstone. Another decisive victory for Team Cersei, and another romping sex scene involving the sister-loving, slick battle commander in Jamie.

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#206: So You Want to Podcast? (Bonus Episode)

Another bonus freebie for our wonderful listeners, and this week are going totally off script to talk to, Rachel Clemetson. Rachel is a student at USF St. Pete., and reached out to Dean through one of his old friends from high school named, Bill. This podcast is another dive into the process of podcasting with plenty of tips to be had. Rachel is preparing to release her own podcast called “What’s My Major”, and she wanted to get some perspective from people who are already in the hustle. So Bill contacted Dean, Dean said “cool”, and then Rachel and Dean set up a time to talk via Skype. This episode was originally slated to be for members only, but in an effort to help Rachel network, we’ve decided to push it out to all of our listeners. If you’re a student, a parent of a student, or just someone who may want to start their own podcast — this episode is for you. Don’t forget to follow Rachel on social media via the links below. Thanks again for listening, and enjoy the show!

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#205: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Matthew and Dean had a blast with Bill and Ted’s. This week you are going to learn all about Ted’s sociopathic (and compound bulldozing) father, Bill’s hot step-mom, and how crappy (according to Dean) the historical dudes are. They also talk about the 80s as a genre unto itself. They talk about some Ranker 80s films and they challenge their nostalgia to see what they think is actually still good cinema all these years later. Finally, don’t miss out on their discussion about 80s rocker dude who is now fat with only beer in the fridge. Matt says it holds up. Dean, well – you’ll have to listen…

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7-2: Game of Thrones “Stormborn”

Dean and Jessica are both high on this week’s episode. They get into the finer points of the girl power scene, the Varys and Dany dance, as well as the campfire tales that Grey Worm and his Unsullied friends would tell of pleasing women despite their… shortcomings. In a shocking twist of character Jessica actually stands up for Ellaria Sand. Yes, you read that right. They also get into Yara’s complete and utter lack of having a look-out boy posted in the crow’s nest of their ship, but both Jessica and Dean agree to loving the boarding party battle and Euron’s big moment. Jessica and Dean both have advice for Jon “Audible” Snow, “Just run the play you called in the huddle!” Plenty of stand-out moments this week with a special shout-out to Grey Worm’s new film coming to Porn Hub this summer, “Unsullied No More.”

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#204: Sunshine

Matthew’s first watch of Sunshine dates back to high school, and it was less interesting to him at the time then trying to cop a feel on his girlfriend. On a re-watch he was much less distracted by his hormones. He came to appreciate some of what the film set out to do. Dean had never seen Sunshine, and had plenty of good to say about it, right up until Pinbacker’s return from the dead as Space Freddy Krueger. Dean is on record as to saying that the final third of the film was so bad that it ultimately ruined the experience for him. Matthew was also hard on the third act, but didn’t get pulled into the “this ruined it for me” abyss that Dean swan-dove into. Did the final act of the film ruin the movie for you? Let us know!

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Visionaries of the Living Dead

Night of the Living Dead

The recent passing of film legend George A. Romero inspired me to take another look at his groundbreaking debut, Night of the Living Dead.

Prior to this film’s conception, the idea of zombies was rooted in Haitian and Voodoo lore. Their appearance in early films was sporadic at best, often depicting them as mindless henchmen under the spell of some evil overlord as is the case in the 1932 classic, White Zombie, staring Bella Lugosi.

But it wasn’t until Romero and his writing partner, John A. Russo, came on the scene, that the idea of the modern zombie tale was born. These guys were true visionaries and responsible for many of the basic characteristics that we associate with zombies today. The idea that they gather in hordes, are driven by an uncontrollable urge to devour human flesh, and can only be taken down with a blow to the head, can all be traced back to this ghoulish classic.

I’d like to mention a few cool things that I managed to glean from a few sites and documentaries that I checked out recently, but first I wanted to say a few words about why this film is important to me. Read More

7-1: Game of Thrones “Dragonstone”

Jessica and Dean had plenty to say about the 7th season premiere of Game of Thrones. Jessica and Dean were both fans of the cold open with Walder Frey, but they disagrees on the poop and soup montage. Dean was a fan, and Jessica could do without it – especially on a re-watch. Dean and Jessica both consider how powerful and capable that Arya is, and they doubt there is much that could stop Arya from getting to Cersei, which is why they think something will distract Arya off that course. The Hound continues to be the shining character, and he now carries the slogan, “The Hound Makes Everything Better.” The disagreement between Jon and Sansa provides some thought (and debate) provoking discussion between not just the hosts, but the glorious and intelligent listeners. Dean briefly covers the Greyjoy Rebellion to give context to Euron’s discussion with Cersei. The deadpool came up empty this week, but we expect some carnage in the near future. Overall, a great and necessary table-setter for the 7th season.

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#203: Starman

Matthew is back from the dead and he joins Dean to discuss the only film that John Carpenter ever directed that got an Academy Award nomination. That’s right! Jeff Bridges got a nod for Best Actor from his performance in Starman. Matthew was delighted by Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of a alien who fell to Earth. Dean, an admitted Bridges fan, landed on the opposite end of the “Bridges is great in this movie” spectrum. Dean is on record saying that Bridges, at times, was “very punchable.” They both agreed that the military stuff in the movie lacked any nuance, but they are both on-board with the structure and pacing. Join the lads as they take a romp through 80s science fiction.

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Game of Thrones Season 7: Preview/Primer

Jessica and Dean are back and talking “Game of Thrones.” This is just a quick hello to our new listeners as well as a welcome back to our old faithful. Listen as Jessica and Dean get into their hopes and expectations for the upcoming season as well as some brief GoT Deadpool discussion. Oh, and finally… Jorah Mormont swings by for a quick “hello”.

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#202: The Hunt for Red October

This week Dean is joined by Josh and they are breaking down “The Hunt for Red October” a film that the two of them have watched together dating back to the 90s. Although Josh is an admitted fan-boy of Harrison Ford (who is more well known that Baldwin for playing Jack Ryan), he found Baldwin’s performance perfect for the character. Dean and Josh both get into the fantastic cast and wonderful editing in this (we are calling it) military thriller. Don’t worry, plenty of jokes are had at Tim Curry’s portrayal of den-mother (read: hopeful lover) Dr. Petrov and his insistent care for all the sinewy seamen under his charge (read: he wants to bang them). Special thanks to all of the listeners who chipped in to get this guild bounty covered.

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GoT Deadpool FAQ | Season 7

Season 7 is almost here, so it’s time for the Deadpool to drop. For some logistical reasons it is not being hosted on the main LSG site, and is instead occupying its own little slice of the internet.

To visit the live site for weekly updates visit:

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