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#233: Batman Returns

Did a movie that was selected by Dean (Staff Poll) in irony end up being better than remembered? Is it still silly and Tim Burtony? How good was Danny Elfman’s score? Join the lads as they get into all these questions and more. They also talk a ton about Batman and their first exposure to the Dark Knight from the Adam West rendition to Nolan’s and back to the animated series. You don’t want to miss the first time LSG Media talks Batman. The episode will make you feel better than the most skillful French flipper technique.

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1-1: Battlestar Galactica “33”

Matthew and Dean officially start their coverage of season 1 with the great episode, “33” – dive in and watch Matthew’s crazy theories unfold as Dean leads him along through the maze that is the motivations of the Cylons.

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The Last Jedi: A Theory

The Last Jedi

The much-anticipated Episode 8 of the Star Wars saga has landed, and much like the rest of the movie going public, I have thoughts. But rather than simply discuss my likes and dislikes, I thought I’d use this opportunity to talk about a theory I have, one that I hope – for the sake of the Star Wars legacy – is at least somewhat true.

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#232: Legion “Chapter 1 and 2”

Matthew and Dean talk the first two episodes of Legion. Dean was brought to this show kicking and screaming and freely admits that he was paid to watch it. Matthew did have a passing interest in it, and had plans on eventually checking it out. By the end of this episode you’ll note that both Matthew and Dean are very impressed with these two installments. There is plenty to talk about with the central things being the manner in which the episodes are filmed, and the ability of the show to put you into the main characters POV. The lads have decided that they will watch the rest of the first season, and you should too – you’ll be impressed. Thanks again to TL Graham for the bounty!

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#231: 2-4: Doctor Who “The Girl in the Fireplace”

Jessica and Dean dive back into Doctor Who at the request of Ane De Assis who bountied this episode. This was excellent television that is thought provoking, touching, and funny. ‘The Girl’ is an episode that gets into the themes of unrequited love, and the idea of how fleeting time (and life) can be. Join us for a great discussion on a show that continues to impress. Special thanks again to Ane!

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#230: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It wouldn’t be the “Science Fiction Film Podcast” if we didn’t talk Star Wars, and this week we have a special four-way episode ready to serve up into your hungry ear-holes. Prepare yourselves as all four hosts share some gripes with this installment, but remember that it is all done out of tough love. Fear not: there is plenty to like in this flick, but is it enough to carry Last Jedi into “good movie” territory? Like the sacred Jedi texts, this podcast will unravel all of the mysteries of Rian Johnson’s nerd-shattering visions of the Star Wars universe! May the force be with you… you’re going to need it. (But seriously, that casino sub-plot was like really bad, right?)

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#229: The Princess Bride

On this week’s podcast you will hear about the miss-adventures of Westley who suffered terrible abuse at the hands (and other appendages) of the pirate crew that he served. You will also hear about how this led to Westley becoming White Zorro who has a Rolodex of go-to crimes of oppression that he wields against the “lesser races” in an attempt to maintain the status quo of “white evilness”. Matthew and Dean also discuss the reality of Buttercup’s decision to run around with a poor farm boy versus marrying a handsome and accomplished prince who owns several people and a castle. At some point the lads get into the actual film and their fondness for it all these years later.

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Battlestar Galactica “Miniseries Part 2”

Matthew and Dean are back and wrapping up their coverage of the miniseries.

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8-8: The Walking Dead “How It’s Gotta Be”

No episode synopsis today just an honest thank you to all of the listeners who’ve joined us on our post-apocalyptic tour of ‘The Walking Dead’! It’s been a lot of fun for both Matthew and I, and although it wasn’t an easy decision to say goodbye to this podcast, we are confident it will lead to better things for us and LSG Media. So thank you for putting up with our nonsense over the years, and thank you for liking us enough to check out our other shows. Plenty of our long-time listeners (to other shows) found LSG Media through our TWD coverage and for that we will forever be grateful. As we’ve mentioned more than once we will be maintaining our Facebook group that is dedicated to the show. Jump on in and hang out with the coolest listeners on the planet. Farewell!


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#228: The Departed

Dean, Josh, and Matthew tackle The Departed, but they mixed it up a little this week. First, they don’t go scene-by-scene, but rather they get into the characters, the performances, and the plot. There are comparisons to Goodfellas, discussions on the cinematography, and lots of questions asked by Dean as it relates to: the plausibility of Costello’s men murdering Queenan, the level of suspicion for both Sullivan and Costigan in their respective “undercover” roles, and of course Costigan’s decision to flee the police station once he spots the “citizens” envelope. The latter sparks a heated debate between Josh and Dean. Another blast of an episode that you DON’T want to miss!

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Star Trek; The Animated Series

The Discovery hiatus left me with a Trek shaped void to fill. So I’m boldly going where I’ve never been before; The Animated Series. Read More

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