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[Free Bonus] #245: Mute

Mute probably doesn’t deserve a 10% on the ‘ole tomato meter, but it isn’t particularly good. The lads agree that it’s a bit of a beautiful mess but worth a watch.

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#244: Hardcore Henry

It’s like a movie, but also like a video game, but also – it’s SO Russian. Strap on your Go Pro and let’s make a movie!

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1-10: Battlestar Galactica “Hand of God”

More love for Gaius Baltar as well as some fighter pilot chops from Lee Adama. Matthew and Dean lean towards this being the best physical action of the season.

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3-4: The X-Files “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”

Josh and Dean fancy themselves smart enough (they aren’t) to talk about free will (or the illusion of) as it relates to knowing the circumstances of your death as offered by Clyde Bruckman. Imagine knowing how everyone you meet is going to die? It’s a heavy premise, but Peter Boyle has a great comedic streak in his performance as Clyde. Hop in and have a listen as we commit micro-aggressions against the Romani people. People just like Josh’s grandmother.

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[Bonus] 2018-8: Silver Bullet

Werewolves and Busey impersonations? Sign me up!

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#243: Clerks

The lads go deep in discussing their inspiration from Kevin Smith, from “Tough Sh*t” to “Clerks” and how much effect Kevin Smith indirectly had on the launching of LSG Media. It goes heavy at times, but most of the time is spent laughing about the hilarious, and often too real, characters that Smith was able to put to paper. The lads consider Smith’s perspective (and dare we say, “wisdom”) at such a young age and how much more introspective he was as compared to them at the same age. As with most flicks the lads adore, this ends up being a good ‘ole suck-off job, so get your raincoats ready.

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1-9: Battlestar Galactica “Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down”

Matthew and Dean discuss the tonal shift with “Tigh Me Up” and how it seems oddly placed in the series. Ron D. Moore himself decided to “punt” on the original take of the episode which was to be much darker. The thought process was to let the audience come up for air after a heavy and dark preceding episode. The lads did find plenty to like this week especially as it relates to Gaius Baltar, and of course the titular, Saul Tigh and his tumultuous relationship with Ellen.

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Star Trek Discovery; Will You Take My Hand?

This is my recap of episode fifteen and the Season One Finale of Star Trek Discovery, Will You Take My Hand?

Season 2 is confirmed and on its way in 2019 so we have a lot to look forward to, so dust off your “Starfleet Guide to Averting Atrocities by Committing Genocide Policy Document” and let’s do this.

Episode Fifteen –Will You Take My Hand?

This blog contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched episode fifteen yet – What are you? A green-blooded hobgoblin? This review will definitely Read More

11-6: The X-Files “Kitten”

A Skinner-centric episode that goes way back to NAM, and Josh and Dean are onboard. They’ve always been big fans of Skinner, and this week continues the trend. This episode is … good, but by no means great. Are there inexplicable moments? Yes. You may wonder, “Is that the fat version of the “I see dead people” kid actually setting John Rambo traps by himself?” Answer —  it appears so. Are there silly tropes? 100%. But “Kitten” does manage to give us a glimpse into a fan favorite in Skinner. Something never really done (with this much focus) before this season.

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#242: Lethal Weapon

It should come as no surprise that Matthew and Dean were big fans of ‘Lethal Weapon’, but they both admit that the story is ludicrous (a special forces group selling smack?). They get into Glover’s endearing portrayal of a family man closing in on the end of his career which is contrasted against the suicidal and intense hot-head in Riggs. Dean reckons that Gibson would have made a great Wolverine, and Matthew recalls his first exposure to Glover in ‘Angels in the Outfield’. The lads also get into Shane Black’s original script, and they reckon that sometimes studio interference is a good thing. Early drafts of Lethal Weapon were downright brutal and not so buddy cop’ish. Special thank again to Donnie Harris!

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1-8: Battlestar Galactica “Flesh and Bone”

The lads had a bit of a layoff between recordings, but that won’t effect the end listener. It was – however – a perfect episode for Matthew to come back in on. Matthew has plenty to say about the heavy focus on Starbuck, as well as the focus on the Cylon mythos. Dean likens himself to Leoben;  He is watching truth float past Matthew in the proverbial stream. He leads Matthew along, but is he helping or simply dumping half-baked philosophies into Matthew’s fertile mind? Have a listen and learn about all of the mysteries of “Flesh and Bone”.

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