Discovering Trek

Boldy reimagining Trek?

Welcome to Discovering Trek. Each week LSG Media will be exploring the new Star Trek TV show, Discovery.

Join us for an episode by episode recap and discussion. This will be a blog only review at this stage as the podcast schedule is pretty jam-packed. The first review will appear 26th September.

Set roughly ten years before the events of Star Trek: The Original Series, the show sees the Klingon T’Kuvma look to unite the 24 great Klingon houses, leading to a cold war between his race and the United Federation of Planets that involves the crew of the USS Discovery.

It will feature episodes written by Trek legend Nicholas Meyer, director of The Wrath of Khan. The show is an attempt to build on the continuity of the original timeline, ignoring the events of the JJ Abrams reboot.

Other exciting things to look out for is a very famous Vulcan (no not that one). And Will Riker himself directing an episode or two.

An Enterprising Idea?

But haven’t we been here before? The last prequel attempt was Enterprise; For me an underrated show with an almost unforgivable soft rock theme tune. On the other hand many believe Trek’s true home is on television.

What are your hopes for the new show? Are you excited or indifferent?

So set phasers to fun and join me next week for episode one – The Vulcan Hero.


John is a writer and regular contributor for Star Trek Magazine. For news and reviews check out his website The World Outside the Window.

About the Author
John is a lapsed soccer fan who has played and watched football all his life. He once appeared in an episode of Casualty (he requested that all copies of the episode be destroyed) playing football for Holby City. When neither football or acting fame came calling he took up writing. John is an author, poet, songwriter and visual artist. His work has appeared in Star Trek Magazine, the Guardian, the BBC and many more. “An assured and powerful performer who could do well in the slam arena..” – Anna Saunders (CEO of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival). He has just published his first Children’s story – Aardvark Tales (published by The World Outside the Window Publishing).
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