11-9: The X-Files “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Spin the wheel of wacky X-files episode types and you’ll come up with a variety that seems a bit incongruous. Kind of like this episode which has some great moments, but is rather… silly. Is this an episode that is lifted beyond how good it is by the likes of Fox and Scully?

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11-8: The X-Files “Familiar”

The X-Files goes back to its wooded roots with “Familiar” and the lads dig it. Listen on as they try to figure out rampaging cops, Chief Strong’s angular features, and predators both sexual and canine. Pro tip: don’t let your children watch Biggletiggles or Mr. Chuckleteeth.

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11-7: The X-Files “Rm9sbG93ZXJz”

Josh says he’ll never shake a robots hand, but Dean contends that if he did (in the not too distant future) – he wouldn’t ever realize it. Are you pro-robot? Are you a dirty collaborator? If you watch BSG then you know what happens to them. Lots going on this week, but woe to the robot sympathizer – you’ll get no quarter here.

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3-4: The X-Files “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”

Josh and Dean fancy themselves smart enough (they aren’t) to talk about free will (or the illusion of) as it relates to knowing the circumstances of your death as offered by Clyde Bruckman. Imagine knowing how everyone you meet is going to die? It’s a heavy premise, but Peter Boyle has a great comedic streak in his performance as Clyde. Hop in and have a listen as we commit micro-aggressions against the Romani people. People just like Josh’s grandmother.

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11-6: The X-Files “Kitten”

A Skinner-centric episode that goes way back to NAM, and Josh and Dean are onboard. They’ve always been big fans of Skinner, and this week continues the trend. This episode is … good, but by no means great. Are there inexplicable moments? Yes. You may wonder, “Is that the fat version of the “I see dead people” kid actually setting John Rambo traps by himself?” Answer —  it appears so. Are there silly tropes? 100%. But “Kitten” does manage to give us a glimpse into a fan favorite in Skinner. Something never really done (with this much focus) before this season.

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11-5: The X-Files “Ghouli”

Ghouli Trojan-horsed its way into a mythology episode. What started as a monster-of-the-week plot line ended as full on mythology. Was the transition smooth? Dean and Josh get into the William plot line, Anderson’s acting, and of course the overall effectiveness of what has been a weak mythology backdrop. PS – who even likes William?

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11-4: The X-Files “The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat”

The X-Files continues to improve and this week it delivers not only a good episode but a great episode that Josh is confident will make a “best of” list in the future. The lads go hard in the paint with topics like: memory, morality, philosophy, and ethics. Disclaimer: they are NOT qualified to talk about these fancy book-learning topics, but they give it one hell of a try. Pop on the scuba-gear because you are going deep below the surface of Josh and Dean’s qualifications.

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11-3: The X-Files “Plus One”

Now we’re talking! This is the X-Files that we’ve all been waiting for, but before we get ahead of ourselves, both Josh and Dean agree that this won’t top anyone’s favorite list, but this is good X-Files. We got Tim Curry, an absent Mr. Fox Sauce, and some great character stuff between “Muldoon” and Scully. What would you do if you saw your twin following you around? Stay tuned at the end of the episode for a very important announcement.

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11-2: The X-Files “This”

The lads are back and to sum up their feelings on the second episode of the 11th Season, here is a bit of dialogue from Josh and Dean.

Josh, “I didn’t love it.”
Dean, “I didn’t hate it.”

This is the perfect summary for “This” which was certainly a step in the right direction, but a step that is a bit too narrow (not a strrrrretch step) for a show that is eleven season in.
This episode is sponsored by Fox-Sauce. You can sprinkle it on anything and make is worse!

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11-1: The X-Files “My Struggle III”

Dean and Josh are back with the return of the X-Files, and on this episode they get into the bumpy first start with “My Struggle III”. All of the important things are covered with specific attention being placed on the dialogue (and of course the 5 monologues), the editing, and the convoluted plot for the mythology arc that started last season. Take cover because there is a lot of Fox-sauce flying around.

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6-6: The X-Files “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”

“How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” is a refreshing and unconventional Christmas episode that doesn’t focus on hilarious family gatherings, or star a talking animal, or spoon-feed you some kind of villain turned good motif. It should come as no surprise that Josh and Dean loved this episode and had plenty to say about the small cast, the performances, and the single-set approach. Get into the holiday spirit (which is fleeting in both Dean and Josh) and enjoy some X-Files talk – LSG Media style.

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