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Twin Peaks Visited

For as long as I’ve been watching things, Twin Peaks has somehow always managed to stay under the radar for me.  I’d heard it was about the murder of a young teenager on the northwest coast, and that it turned to complete shit in its second season, but that was pretty much it.  Who killed Laura Palmer?  I have no idea (well, maybe SOME idea – I’ll get to that later).  What is the rest of the show about?  Not sure, maybe kids smoking pot in some rainy woods?

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Rogue One: An Imperfect Story

“This is a rebellion, isn’t it?  I rebel.”


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Westworld 1.6 – Something smells. . .

And there at the center is a legendary man who has been killed over and over again countless times, but always clawed his way back to life.

 – Teddy (Ruxpin) Flood

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Westworld 1.5 – Triple Track Mind

“What the fuck?”

 – Elsie Hughes

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Westworld 1.04 – Dazed and Confused

“What does it mean?”

 – Hector (and the entire viewership)

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Westworld 1.03 – A Parent’s Cruelty

That’s why they exist.  So you can feel . . . this.

 – Logan

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Westworld 1.02 – The Incident

“In a sense, I was born here.”

 – The Man in Black

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Batman: The Killing Joke

Like a lot of you, I’m a huge Batman fan.  I remember watching the old Adam West show with my dad as a kid, and the excitement I felt when I saw the preview for 1989’s Batman, especially when I saw that his costume was completely black except for that awesome logo and belt.  When my dad took me to the Woodfield Mall to see it on opening night, it was sold out.  I was completely crushed.  We watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade instead, but almost everything I saw of the movie that night was blurred through my tears.  I specifically remember the giant headache I got from crying through pretty much the entire film.

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Westworld 1.01 – Something is Wro-on-on-on-ong

“That’s the Judas steer.  Rest will follow wherever you make him go.”

 – Dolores

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Stranger Things – Chapter Eight: Did it Stick the Landing? Um. . .

“I’ll tell you where your little science experiment is.”

 Judas Hopper.

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Stranger Things – Chapter Five: Feed Me, Seymour!

“For all we know, it’s her fault!”

 – Lucas

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