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“Does it have five letters in it?”

A new season of Survivor has begun, and although I threatened to not blog weekly… here I am week one, with a blog!

Although this premiere doesn’t blow either Cagayan or the first Blood vs Water away, it was still good. Go into a season with low expectations and you will always be pleasantly surprised right?

I was sold from the opening (and no, I am not talking about Probst hanging out of the helicoptor in a dangerous fashion like an idiot). The way they introduced the teams really felt like old school Survivor to me, and anyone who knows me knows I love some old school Survivor. We got to see all the pairs interact on Day Zero (which is actually Day One, there is no such thing as “Day Zero”) with a cute little Probst voice over. Read More

Survivor 29 Pregame Power Rankings

It’s that time of year again– Survivor is back! And as always I am back with my pregame power rankings. Last year I blogged about 3,000 words per episode as well, but unfortunately I cannot promise the same this time around. Due to some real life commitments (aka being back in school which takes up ridiculous amounts of time), I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep. So I will try my hardest to blog as much as possible– and I will start with this!

Read More

“I’m supposed to talk llama to you.”

The penultimate episode of Survivor Cagayan did not disappoint– at least not in my mind. There was a fight, Tony being hilarious, the underdog squeaking by another tribal, alliance betrayals, and a pretty surprising boot. I don’t know how this season will end, and I feel like I can predict it even less knowing Read More

“I wanna kill the cult leader.”

This episode of Survivor seemed really exciting… until it wasn’t. Everything was set up perfectly for a crazy tribal council, and I honestly had no clue who was going home based on the edit. So imagine my surprise when this episode, an episode that focused so heavily on Kass and Woo and even Tony, ended with poor Read More

“Start spending your money, you cheap-oh deep-ohs!”

I am uncertain about how you spell “cheap-oh deep-oh,” so I am going go with phonics on that one.

In tonight’s episode of Survivor: Cagayan, we get another blindside (although all of the Jefra featured in “Previously on Survivor” did get me a little suspicious) and we get yet another idol found by Tony! Read More

“Who’s Jeremy?”

Jeremiah– occasionally known as Jeremy or Geremiah– happens to be a fashion model, and also the fourth member of the Survivor Cagayan jury. And that is pretty all we learned about him Read More

“We’re like pawns on the board.”

After many days of a deep depression, I am finally ready to write this blog. LJ, my Survivor crush of season 28 (and perhaps my biggest crush since Aras during Exile Island) is gone.

… OK, OK. The delay has a little more to do with Read More

“You better believe I’ll be lurking in the shadows.”

It’s tough to top an episode like last week’s, especially when there is about to be a very predictable boot. But Survivor did it’s best to make this snooze-worthy three days on the island entertaining for viewers, and I have to give them credit for the effort.

The former members of new Aparri are obviously not happy with Kass upon getting back to camp. “She’ll go wherever her estrogen takes her,” Spencer says about his new mortal enemy. Not sure that Kass’ estrogen is her problem, but Spencer got enough flak on Twitter for saying this, so I’ll let it slide.

Kass joins her new alliance by the fire, and plays the victim about how tough her life was on new Aparri. “When they sit back and think about what they did…” she whines.

Over inside the shelter, her old allies are like “Seriously, Kass?” Read More

“I just wanna punch her sometimes.”

Typically when Survivor advertises an episode as being “shocking,” I end up disappointed. But not this week. The previews did not steer me wrong– I loved this episode. I think it was certainly the best merge episode we’ve had Read More

“Don’t look her in the eyes, brother.”

Before I even get started with this episode, I have to let everyone know that is is that time of season again– time for me and my sister Amanda to draft our Survivor fantasy teams, inspired again by AJ Mass and Rob Cesternino. This season’s rules only vary slightly– we each took 6 players instead of 5, playing an immunity idol will count as 2 points, and you get one point for each week your player makes it in the game– post  merge. Meaning 0 points for the dummy that picked Alexis (me). Read More

Post Swap Power Rankings

It’s that part of the season again… the tribes have swapped, which means it’s Power Ranking time!  Read More

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