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#248: Wind River

Hóka-héy! But is today a good day to die? We aren’t really sure, but Jessica and Dean enjoyed taking a dive into the glorious and grim world of big-country Wyoming. Another gem by Taylor Sheridan that is replete with excellent characters, a beautifully shot and hard countryside, and a rather sad tale of life lost on an Arapahoe reservation. Special thanks again to all of the backers of this guild bounty.

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#247: Johnny Mnemonic

Another bad flick, and this time we are joined by Christopher from to help us out with the smart parts. Although Johnny Mnemonic is bad it is at least fun and charming in its 90s’ness. Halt sinners!

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#246: Battlefield Earth

A terrible flick that is utterly joyless. Top off your Kerbango and prepare to wade into the crap that is Battlefield Earth!

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[Free Bonus] #245: Mute

Mute probably doesn’t deserve a 10% on the ‘ole tomato meter, but it isn’t particularly good. The lads agree that it’s a bit of a beautiful mess but worth a watch.

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#244: Hardcore Henry

It’s like a movie, but also like a video game, but also – it’s SO Russian. Strap on your Go Pro and let’s make a movie!

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#243: Clerks

The lads go deep in discussing their inspiration from Kevin Smith, from “Tough Sh*t” to “Clerks” and how much effect Kevin Smith indirectly had on the launching of LSG Media. It goes heavy at times, but most of the time is spent laughing about the hilarious, and often too real, characters that Smith was able to put to paper. The lads consider Smith’s perspective (and dare we say, “wisdom”) at such a young age and how much more introspective he was as compared to them at the same age. As with most flicks the lads adore, this ends up being a good ‘ole suck-off job, so get your raincoats ready.

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#242: Lethal Weapon

It should come as no surprise that Matthew and Dean were big fans of ‘Lethal Weapon’, but they both admit that the story is ludicrous (a special forces group selling smack?). They get into Glover’s endearing portrayal of a family man closing in on the end of his career which is contrasted against the suicidal and intense hot-head in Riggs. Dean reckons that Gibson would have made a great Wolverine, and Matthew recalls his first exposure to Glover in ‘Angels in the Outfield’. The lads also get into Shane Black’s original script, and they reckon that sometimes studio interference is a good thing. Early drafts of Lethal Weapon were downright brutal and not so buddy cop’ish. Special thank again to Donnie Harris!

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#241: Silence of the Lambs

Another triple-hosted episode and this time we bring in our Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, and Westworld host – Jessica! We all know how she loves serial killer stories and true crime, and what better podcast to bring her onto with Matthew and Dean than “Silence of the Lambs”.  They get into this film’s influence over an entire genre, how it was ahead of its time in terms of sexual identity and women in law enforcement, and of course the fascinating idea of treating Lecter as a protagonist. Tie your hair back, because like Migs, this one could get messy.    Read More

#240: The Dark Knight

He’s smooth and hard to pin down. He can be enjoyed on pancakes, hot toast, or served just plain raw. He’s Jonny Butters. The slipperiest and most visually talented of the LSG Media crew. You’ve seen his artwork and now you can hear the dulcet tones of his voice as he gives Nolan the old rub’n’tug with the happiest of endings.

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#239: Pan’s Labyrinth

The virtue of defiance is one of the central themes in ‘Pan’s’ and it grabbed Matthew and Dean’s attention immediately. They talk about Spanish Hitler, the Spanish Civil War (and its aftermath), and the mirroring of Vidal in all the scary monsters (especially the Pale Man) in the underworld. The lads get into Vidal’s desire to consume and destroy and his complete and utter lack of agreeable traits. Is the Captain a true and evil monster? Is the underworld real? Does it matter? A great movie and a thought-provoking discussion. Thanks to all of the members and to all those who voted for this excellent and dark fairy tale.

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#238: Braveheart

This is the podcast that Matthew and Dean have been waiting for. Prepare yourselves for a wild and emotional ride as the lads relive their earliest memories of watching Braveheart in all its bloody glory. The discussion gets into the real William Wallace, the real Edward I, the real Robert the Bruce, and a lot of the politics and strife surrounding the First War for Scottish Independence. The biggest takeaway from this podcast: Braveheart has plenty of historical inconsistencies (like a ton), and it is still a powerful, captivating, and epic tale. Oh, and don’t mess with “The Hammer of the Scots” – Special shout-out to: Rex Factor Episode #32. Get through their intro and they are solid and lovely British chaps.

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