#220: Firefly “Serenity” and “Train Job”

Dean, Matthew, and Jessica cover the first two episodes of the cult-favorite, Firefly. They dive into the ‘Verse and go beyond the black. They talk first impressions (or at least recall first impressions), they look at the characters, performances, and dialogue. The gang also compares Fox’s impressions of the “Serenity” pilot as well as the character of Mal. Was he [Mal] too dour at the start?

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#219: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049: a science-fiction noir flick, and a disaster to try and market. Will the opening weekend box office numbers recover over time? Is Blade Runner 2049 a good movie? Does the sequel retread old ground or does it offer something unique against the original? Does it suffer from sequelitis, a rare and dangerous disease that bloats original concepts into bigger, badder, and often much more shallow and thoughtless characters and plot points? Was Ryan Gosling the right choice? Was bringing Ford back the right choice? Did Denis Villeneuve demonstrate an affinity for the source material’s theme and atmosphere? Was Hans Zimmer successful in offering up a soundscape relevant to the tone of the movie? There are plenty of questions and discussion points for this episode. Join Dean, Matthew, and Josh as they wade into the deep waters of the Blade Runner universe. Interlink.

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#218: Willow

Matthew and Dean talk Willow and you will likely not be surprised to learn that they talk about the following: Diakini supremacy, Ron Howard’s cruel treatment of the pecks, Dean’s secret desires for Val Kilmer, Willow the do-nothing hero, and lots of low-blows on Willow and the rest of the 80s fantasy genre. If you are looking for reverence… look elsewhere, the lads take the piss out of this one at every turn. Sorry, not sorry.

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Game of Thrones Season 8: Survivor Pool

Butters and Dean break-down the upcoming Survivor Pool for Game of Thrones Season 8. You have until November 6th, 2017 to get your picks in. The details on this contest are contained in the podcast, but we have some helpful URLs for you here that will take you to the rules, deadlines, and who to email any questions to.

Season 8 Survivor Pool URL (www.promisemenerds.com/S8)
Registration Opens: October 6th
Registration Ends: November 6th @ 12:00AM, ET.
Jon’s Email: jon@libertystreetgeek.net

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#217: Black Hawk Down

Matthew called in sick this week, so it came down to Dean and Josh to discuss the bountied film (thanks Michael Claudio!) Black Hawk Down. The lads try their best to be entertaining this week, but if we’re being honest, this is heavy material. Despite wishing terrible things upon Legolas (not Blackburn), and having a laugh at Orlando Bloom’s expense, most of this episode was talking about the awful situation that unfolded at the Battle of Mogadishu. Josh’s perspective (as always) was invaluable but especially as it relates to understanding how missions are planned. Dean did some of his own research and listened to a couple interviews from Michael Durant (Pilot of Super Six Four), and US Ranger (PLT LDR), Larry Moores. Although the material this week is heavy, it was an honor to speak of the courage of the men who found themselves in an unthinkable situation in 1993 on October 3rd and 4th.

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#216: Replicants, Sex Dolls, and Robots: A Blade Runner Retrospective

Matthew and Dean jump on the mics to talk about replicants, sex dolls, and robots. They manage to talk a little bit about Blade Runner, LSG’s FIRST podcast episode which needed a slight revisit ahead of Blade Runner 2049. They ask hard-hitting questions about dating in Japan, sexuality, the robot revolution, and they take a few minutes to explore a forum where people who purchase $4,000 sex dolls hang out. Are we going to bang robots into indifference? We aren’t sure, but it is fun to talk about.

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#215: The Lord of the Rings “Return of the King” (Extended Edition)

Dean, Jessica, and Matthew wrap-up their coverage of the epic tale of Lord of the Rings with a wild discussion about “Return of the King.” You are about to meet some interesting characters, from elven slave traders, to a Sauron hosted Barad-dur Shopping Network, to the infamous and notorious Jester, Pipituch. Come plow your way through outrageous and wildly immature jokes about Sam, Frodo, Boromir (of course Dean mentions him), Saruman, Smeagol, Eomer, Eowyn, Arwen, and every other character that you hold dear, and that we likely misspelled and most certainly mispronounced. RotK is an instant LSG Media classic.

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#214: Sicario

Dean returns to the pod and he is joined by his good pals Josh and Matthew. This three-way is exactly what you’d expect out of these guys when it comes to a flick like Sicario, a complete and utter suck-off fest. There is a lot to discuss this week, and the lads unanimously agree that this movie is brilliant and very rewatchable. Josh points out that Emily Blunt’s performance is at the top of the pile, and Matthew imagines a kid’s soccer game coached by Alejandro (Where did the other team’s coach go?). Dean almost wets his pants when discussing hammer pairs, and the lads gush for about three hours. Get your raincoats on and prepare to get soaked.

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#213: Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Matthew and Josh take the lead this week as Dean and Jessica lounge around post-honeymoon. The lads got this episode off the ground at the behest of listener Benjamin Prugh who had a great idea for a charity episode. All those details will be covered on the pod. As for Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome there was plenty to like, and although Josh was salty because his cartoon Transformers lost the vote, he enjoyed this flick. Matthew was also high on ‘Beyond’ after a second watch. One of the most fascinating aspects of this week’s episode was that Matthew was forced to take notes for scene transitions because he didn’t have his binky Dean to lean on. Josh says that Matthew is “all grown up now” and LSG Media is hopeful for Matthew’s continued growth.

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#212: Alien: Covenant

Remember, Alien: Covenant will be our last episode until we cover Sicario on September 25th. We are off next week.

Join Dean, Matthew, and Jessica as they dive into Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien franchise. It’s no secret that the glorious hosts at LSG Media are not fans of Prometheus, and consequently, they had low expectations heading into their coverage of Covenant. That said there are still plenty of problems with this go-around, and we are starting to see that Ridley Scott’s breathtaking vistas aren’t enough to overshadow whisper-thin characters and dialogue that is, at times, outrageous. Is Danny McBride the highlight of this film? Spoiler: It’s probably Fassbender, but outside of being named Tennessee and having a cowboy hat, McBride is one of the more believable characters in this flick. Ultimately, this film suffers from the same problems that Prometheus did: it’s trying to be smarter than it is. One the one had you have alien schlock and on the other you have passing fancies into the philosophical underpinnings of David’s synthetic morality. You should watch it, but it is what it is… not that good.

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#211: John Wick: Chapter 2

Prepare yourselves for a total sausage party as Dean, Matthew, and Josh offer up a three-man band dedication to an excellent second installment in the John Wick franchise. Most of this podcast episode is spent with the lads all happily patting each other on the back as they drop to their knees in service of John Wick and his martial prowess. Does it lack the initial surprise that the original offered when you first see the incredible gun-play and stunt work? Sure. But this film does a wonderful job of tweaking the action without slipping on the water skis and jumping the shark. Nay, it is a film that is obviously created with love and a firm grasp on the Wick universe. Was Mike Tyson asked to play the Bowery King role? No, but we sure like to pretend at LSG Media, and if you are a fan of the RPG setting “World of Darkness” then you’ll enjoy hearing Josh and Dean yap about it. If you have no idea what that previous sentence means, don’t worry, neither did Matthew and he was on the show. Grab your earbuds, your favorite AR-15, that gorgeous Benelli M4, and let’s get to work on loving Wick for a second time.

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