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Game of Thrones Season 8: Survivor Pool

Butters and Dean break-down the upcoming Survivor Pool for Game of Thrones Season 8. You have until November 6th, 2017 to get your picks in. The details on this contest are contained in the podcast, but we have some helpful URLs for you here that will take you to the rules, deadlines, and who to email any questions to.

Season 8 Survivor Pool URL (
Registration Opens: October 6th
Registration Ends: November 6th @ 12:00AM, ET.
Jon’s Email:

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7-7: Game of Thrones “The Dragon and the Wolf”

Jon and company head to King’s Landing to present their show-and-tell project to Ms. Lannister. The Hound comes face-to-face with his brother. Jamie (bold, handsome, and true) rides north, and Littlefinger overextends his reach. Did all the set-ups lend weight to the pay-offs? Did the finale stick the landing? Are we still complaining about travel times and the lack of character death? For the most part Dean and Jessica are happy with the finale. They both agree it isn’t the best finale, but they also both agree that it doesn’t have to be. Join us for our coverage of “The Dragon and the Wolf”, but fear not brave listeners, there will be one more episode that recaps the entire season! Stay tuned for details!

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7-6: Game of Thrones “Beyond the Wall”

Originally both Jessica and Dean were low on this episode, but after a re-watch they both looked past some of the flaws which have creeped into this season. The internet is found of pointing out things like travel times, and plenty of information is out there on how long it takes ice to freeze, and how fast ravens fly, but it all comes down to one thing: how well are they telling the story? On the one hand you have some great dialogue and character moments between our “Suicide Squad” that has traveled north of the wall. On the other hand you have what appears to to be a more forgiving world in which named characters escape situations that would have killed them in season three. You also have the Arya and Sansa stuff flailing somewhere between inscrutable and down-right ludicrous, and some inexplicable behavior from Jon Snow… commander of men. All in all there was plenty to like, and this mostly comes by way of performance and character. Emilia Clarke shows some vulnerability, hesitation, and hopefulness. Richard Dormer’s presence is a stage-setter for all things Lord of Light. Kit Harrington uttering “Uncle Benjen” was heart-wrenching. Kristofer Hivju brings not just comedic timing, but some believable wisdom to Tormund, and the always consistent Rory McCann knocks “The Hound” out of the park with his “I don’t care” attitude and bevy of crass insults. Although not the series’ best episode, but we are hopeful that the finale will bounce back.

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7-5: Game of Thrones “Eastwatch”

Jessica and Dean abandon the more comedic aspects of their routine and they dive deep into the ethics of Westeros. How much blood is on the hands of the characters we all care about? Is Dany just like every other lord in her pursuit of breaking the wheel? Is Jaime Lannister still handsome, brave, strong, and clever? Jessica and Dean also pivot into some of the weaker elements of the plot this week, and really go after some of the issues of travel times, character behavior, and wight abduction capers. Has this episode exposed the lack of direction from George R.R. Martin? Does the plotting feel a bit rushed? Thanks again to our our listeners for all their great content this week!

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7-4: Game of Thrones “The Spoils of War”

Dean and Jessica are at odds with one another this week. What side will you fall on? Dean’s love affair with Jamie Lannister continues, and Jessica’s love/hate relationship with… well, EVERYONE continues. Jessica suddenly hates… Bronn? Well, don’t worry listeners we will all get to the bottom of that reason this week. Read: he is in her deadpool. Dean and Jessica also battle back and forth for the righteousness of things like incest, the Dothraki slave traders, how Jorah (pushing 60) killed a blood rider, and how Bran is now called… BRANDROID. There is no denying the fun that our glorious hosts had this week. Buckle up!

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7-3: Game of Thrones “The Queen’s Justice”

Don’t misbehave this week or your aunty will send you off to bed after she makes you take… a hot bath? You will likely be as confused as we were listening to Jessica describe this imagined punishment from her childhood. Dean and Jessica do get into the finer points of the Facebook group that will bring Cersei and Dany together, Jon’s expert level brooding, and Dany’s desperate need for a military strategist (and older lover) at Dragonstone. Another decisive victory for Team Cersei, and another romping sex scene involving the sister-loving, slick battle commander in Jamie.

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7-2: Game of Thrones “Stormborn”

Dean and Jessica are both high on this week’s episode. They get into the finer points of the girl power scene, the Varys and Dany dance, as well as the campfire tales that Grey Worm and his Unsullied friends would tell of pleasing women despite their… shortcomings. In a shocking twist of character Jessica actually stands up for Ellaria Sand. Yes, you read that right. They also get into Yara’s complete and utter lack of having a look-out boy posted in the crow’s nest of their ship, but both Jessica and Dean agree to loving the boarding party battle and Euron’s big moment. Jessica and Dean both have advice for Jon “Audible” Snow, “Just run the play you called in the huddle!” Plenty of stand-out moments this week with a special shout-out to Grey Worm’s new film coming to Porn Hub this summer, “Unsullied No More.”

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7-1: Game of Thrones “Dragonstone”

Jessica and Dean had plenty to say about the 7th season premiere of Game of Thrones. Jessica and Dean were both fans of the cold open with Walder Frey, but they disagrees on the poop and soup montage. Dean was a fan, and Jessica could do without it – especially on a re-watch. Dean and Jessica both consider how powerful and capable that Arya is, and they doubt there is much that could stop Arya from getting to Cersei, which is why they think something will distract Arya off that course. The Hound continues to be the shining character, and he now carries the slogan, “The Hound Makes Everything Better.” The disagreement between Jon and Sansa provides some thought (and debate) provoking discussion between not just the hosts, but the glorious and intelligent listeners. Dean briefly covers the Greyjoy Rebellion to give context to Euron’s discussion with Cersei. The deadpool came up empty this week, but we expect some carnage in the near future. Overall, a great and necessary table-setter for the 7th season.

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Game of Thrones Season 7: Preview/Primer

Jessica and Dean are back and talking “Game of Thrones.” This is just a quick hello to our new listeners as well as a welcome back to our old faithful. Listen as Jessica and Dean get into their hopes and expectations for the upcoming season as well as some brief GoT Deadpool discussion. Oh, and finally… Jorah Mormont swings by for a quick “hello”.

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GoT Deadpool FAQ | Season 7

Season 7 is almost here, so it’s time for the Deadpool to drop. For some logistical reasons it is not being hosted on the main LSG site, and is instead occupying its own little slice of the internet.

To visit the live site for weekly updates visit:

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Wrap-Up

Spoilers Contained!

Thank you for tuning into to another episode of the Game of Thrones Podcast. If you want to share your thoughts and opinions on this and future episodes, please join us on social media or consider sending us an email.

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