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“Us need to work way more smart.”

The twenty-fourth  season of The Amazing Race is over, and now that I’ve given the finale time to settle with me, I am ready to write. Unfortunately, my emotions regarding the finale, as well as the season as a whole, are still mixed. Read More

“I enjoy wearing carpet.”

With the finale of Amazing Race All Stars just around the corner, I am not gonna lie– this season was not particularly amazing. This episode was another in a long list of mediocre episodes, and now the team that is possibly the most rootable will not be racing in the finale. Read More

“Your hamhocks look good, Jen.”

This episode of The Amazing Race had it’s highs and lows, but one thing is for certain– it was better than last week’s.

The episode begins with teams flying to Spain. The second place Cowboys decide Read More

“Why would you U-turn someone with great hair?”

So, I wasn’t a fan of this episode of The Amazing Race. At all.

In fact, there was only one part I liked– the Bernese Mountain Dogs delivering milk. I work with dogs, and have the same philosophy as Caroline about them: Read More

“I’ll get my Leonardo DiCaprio on.”

This was a fun episode of The Amazing Race— not because the tasks were great, or because there was a lot of travel. Not because it was another close race to the Pit Stop. In fact– I think it was pretty evident early on that the Globetrotters were doomed, Read More

“I will avenge my friend’s death!”

Episode seven of The Amazing Race was a yawn fest for 40 minutes, and then it finally got pretty good. Sure, the ending was extremely predictable once Jessica and John’s backstory was heavily featured early on, but that didn’t make those last moments Read More

“We got all up in that elephant dung.”

In this episode of The Amazing Race, seven teams raced around Sri Lanka (again), and finished in an order that doesn’t really matter because they were all so close. Oh, and did I mention it was another non-elimination? Read More

“We like to be near the cowboys, because they’re magical.”

I guess I will start off with the fact that I found this episode to be pretty boring once we got to the thirty minute mark. There is just something about knowing a team has absolutely zero chance to stay in the game. Even the most epic fail Read More

“We’re like butter. We’re on a roll.”

On the most recent episode of The Amazing Race, we saw some things that I certainly never thought we’d see: a great leg from the Country Girls, maturity from Brenchel, and a meltdown from Luke even bigger than the tea tasting challenge. Oh– and did I mention that Luke is gay? Read More

“I just wanna not die.”

For the first time I can remember in Amazing Race history,  our racers had a task that seemed legitimately dangerous. Sure, I don’t wanna rappel, or bungee jump, or climb tall buildings (really, anything with heights is out for me). But going down rapids on a river in a raft you had to build? It’s a disaster waiting to happen, as we saw with many of our teams tonight. Read More

“I hate assembling more than anything in the whole world!”

I have to be honest– I am not sure if I have ever watched an episode of The Amazing Race more awkward than this one (at least since Jonathan pushed Victoria on the mat). The odds of Mallory and Mark killing each other in the middle of the leg seemed high, and it was truly painful to watch. I hope TAR producers Read More

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