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#226: The Goonies

Matthew and Dean take another swing at an 80s classic. Are you 80s’d out yet? We may be approaching our limit on nostalgia. This episode is replete with outrageous nonsense, read: The Italian man who is so overwhelmed with a woman’s hotness that he can’t have sex with her — he has to call his mother. The lads also talk about fat kids, Asian accents, pantie-shots, the apparent gullibility of Spanish-speaking people, and an imagined world in which Donner and Spielberg are terrible people. The lad’s also find the affluent Myers “money issues” to be hilarious. Warning, Dean’s lack of fondness for this movie (in retrospect) may alarm you, but fear not — Matthew (the big ‘ole sweetie-pie he is) attempts to bring a balanced opinion — even if he gets played off during his final thoughts.

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2-7: Stranger Things “Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister”

In a season full of high points we’ve finally gotten a lull in the writing, and Jessica and Dean are convinced that this was the worst episode of both seasons. That’s not to say that there aren’t redeeming qualities (aesthetic, Eleven, and some cool power displays from Kali), but there is a lot of super-hero movie and Sith/Jedi dynamics on display — both of which are a bit overplayed. Despite the limitations in this week’s episode, Jessica and Dean manage quite a few laughs – especially when “The Craft” comes up and we get a glimpse into Jessica’s childhood.

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Star Trek Discovery; Into the Forest I Go

Welcome to my recap of episode nine (the mid-season finale) of Star Trek Discovery, Into the Forest I Go. (A quote by Scottish/American conservationist John Muir).

This is the first TV Trek since 2005, so dust off your director’s cut DVD of Star Trek Five – The Final Frontier and get ready to Boldly go once more.

Episode Nine – Into the Forest I Go

This blog contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched episode nine yet – What are you? A green-blooded hobgoblin? This review will definitely Read More

2-6: Stranger Things “Chapter Six: The Spy”

“The Spy” raises the bar for season two and supplants “Dig Dug” as the season stand-out. Jessica and Dean talk all things Murray: is he a creep or what? They also get into the Aliens style assault on the Upside Down tunnels, they talk Billy’s curling and cigarette work-out, and Jessica reaffirms her love of Steve. All this and more on — The Hawkins Report.

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8-4: The Walking Dead “Some Guy”

Matthew and Dean ratchet back the criticism a little bit to shed some light onto Khary Payton who is forced out of his comfort zone to bring some actual emotion to King Ezekiel. Both Matthew and Dean agree that Zeke shines this week, and they were both pleased to see Carol getting back to some of her old ways. There are still problems with the execution of the action and the lads are forced to go back to season three to remind people of the excellent action and gun-play that once was.

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#225: Bone Tomahawk

Matthew and Dean get into tribalism, savagery, and the primal reality of living in the American frontier. Where is the line between nature and civilization? “You are always a breath away from being out there.” Matthew proclaims, and Dean agrees. The lads also ponder why Bone Tomahawk wasn’t talked about more, and they ask the question, “Is the brutality over the top or does it work in the setting?” All this and more with this week’s discussion of Bone Tomahawk.

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#224: 1-2: Doctor Who “The End of the World”

Jessica and Dean dive into Doctor Who at the request of Ane De Assis who bountied this episode and “The Girl in the Fireplace” (coming soon!). Dean and Jessica were both impressed with the acting, British camp, and overall feeling of their viewing experience. Dean imagined exploits in Great Britain that involved meat pies and the “girl next door”, and Jessica managed to link Doctor Who to her love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thanks again to Ane for bringing us this charming British favorite.

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2-5: Stranger Things “Chapter Five: Dig Dug”

“Dig Dug” may be the best episode of Season Two. Dean and Jessica make the point that “things happen” and those things are perfectly timed. There has been plenty of set-up, sub-plot, and character growth. The Duffer brothers continue to be capable show runners who can weave all the lines together into a tightly knit story. For a season with plenty of high points, Dig Dug may stand alone versus the previous four chapters. What do you think?

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Star Trek Discovery; Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

Welcome to my recap of episode eight  of Star Trek Discovery, Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. (Latin saying If you Want Peace Prepare for War).

This is the first TV Trek since 2005, so dust off that Millennium Falcon mug your Gran got you because you like Trek War and get ready to Boldly go once more.

Episode Eight – Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

This blog contains spoilers so if you haven’t watched episode eight yet – What are you? A green-blooded hobgoblin? This review will definitely Read More

8-3: The Walking Dead “Monsters”

Does ‘The Walking Dead’ have anything left to say? Is 8 seasons too many? Are the same conflicts (will we kill and be just like them or will we rise above it?) being trotted out again and again? Does TWD suffer from a limited setting in which to tell stories? Are there any goals worth fighting for outside of survival? Is survival enough… still? The lads go into it again, but they manage to mine two positives this week: Daryl (gasp!) and Rick.

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