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#236: Braveheart

This is the podcast that Matthew and Dean have been waiting for. Prepare yourselves for a wild and emotional ride as the lads relive their earliest memories of watching Braveheart in all its bloody glory. The discussion gets into the real William Wallace, the real Edward I, the real Robert the Bruce, and a lot of the politics and strife surrounding the First War for Scottish Independence. The biggest takeaway from this podcast: Braveheart has plenty of historical inconsistencies (like a ton), and it is still a powerful, captivating, and epic tale. Oh, and don’t mess with “The Hammer of the Scots” – Special shout-out to: Rex Factor Episode #32. Get through their intro and they are solid and lovely British chaps.

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11-2: The X-Files “This”

The lads are back and to sum up their feelings on the second episode of the 11th Season, here is a bit of dialogue from Josh and Dean.

Josh, “I didn’t love it.”
Dean, “I didn’t hate it.”

This is the perfect summary for “This” which was certainly a step in the right direction, but a step that is a bit too narrow (not a strrrrretch step) for a show that is eleven season in.
This episode is sponsored by Fox-Sauce. You can sprinkle it on anything and make is worse!

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1-4: Battlestar Galactica “Act of Contrition”

Matthew and Dean get the feels from Edward James Olmos and Katie Sackhoff in what is one of the most memorable scenes in the first season.

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Star Trek Discovery; Despite Yourself

They’re back! Happy new year to all you lovely Trekkies. We’ve survived the mid-season break and can boldly go once more with my recap of episode ten of Star Trek Discovery, Despite Yourself

This is the first TV Trek since 2005 and with season 2 already confirmed we have a lot to look forward to, so dust off your CD of Ben Folds collaboration with William Shatner, (that you queued up for 3 hours at comic-con to get signed only to be told Mr. Shatner only signs authorised merchandise) and get ready to Boldly go once more.

Episode Ten – Despite Yourself

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#235: Tombstone

Matthew and Dean are back at covering another Western. They go back to their childhoods and discuss their Westerns versus their father’s Westerns. There isn’t much criticism here outside of making fun of how they imagine Billy Zane’s character died at the hands of the cowboys. As expected there is plenty of praise heaped upon the regulars like Russell, Kilmer, Paxton, and Elliot, but the lads get into Stephen Lang, Billy Bob, Biehn, and of course – the great, late Powers Boothe. Get your raincoats on, because this is a regular ole’ two-hour suck-off…  very cosmopolitan.

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11-1: The X-Files “My Struggle III”

Dean and Josh are back with the return of the X-Files, and on this episode they get into the bumpy first start with “My Struggle III”. All of the important things are covered with specific attention being placed on the dialogue (and of course the 5 monologues), the editing, and the convoluted plot for the mythology arc that started last season. Take cover because there is a lot of Fox-sauce flying around.

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1-3: Battlestar Galactica “Bastille Day”

Matthew gets his first introduction to Tom Zarek, and the lads get into a discussion about the inmate population, and the logistics of handling prison labor while on the run from the Cylons.

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#234: Seven Samurai


Dean had plenty to complain about with Seven Samurai. First, the film was way too short. Additionally, there were too many female characters. Dean wanted more dirt, piss, and mud. Matthew was much higher on Seven Samurai and called it a classic. One of the two men are lying. Can you guess which one? Don’t miss a minute of the lads going deep with Seven Samurai.

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1-2: Battlestar Galactica “Water”


On this week’s episode listen as Matthew comes to a stunning (perhaps not so obvious) reason as to why Boomer is soaked and sitting on the Galactica with some memory issues. Perhaps he isn’t as astute as we originally thought?

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6-6: The X-Files “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”

“How the Ghosts Stole Christmas” is a refreshing and unconventional Christmas episode that doesn’t focus on hilarious family gatherings, or star a talking animal, or spoon-feed you some kind of villain turned good motif. It should come as no surprise that Josh and Dean loved this episode and had plenty to say about the small cast, the performances, and the single-set approach. Get into the holiday spirit (which is fleeting in both Dean and Josh) and enjoy some X-Files talk – LSG Media style.

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