Chaotic Neutral Film Commentary

[Early Release] #249: Train to Busan

A zombie film that takes place in Asia about parenting, and LSG Media spared no expense by bringing in three white dudes who aren’t parents! You will be blown away by their deep and informed perspective on all things ‘Busan.

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[Bonus] 2018-10: Phantasm (Commentary Episode)

Matthew and Dean had “the time of their lives” while jive talking about graveyard sex, a Tall Man with inexplicably tiny hands, and evil Jawas. What’s not to love?

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[Bonus] 2018-9: Beastmaster

Step into our confession booth and tell us of your relatively benign sins while we slaughter children from the top of our temple stairs! Special Guest: Arnold Schwarzenegger

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11-9: The X-Files “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Spin the wheel of wacky X-files episode types and you’ll come up with a variety that seems a bit incongruous. Kind of like this episode which has some great moments, but is rather… silly. Is this an episode that is lifted beyond how good it is by the likes of Fox and Scully?

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#248: Wind River

Hóka-héy! But is today a good day to die? We aren’t really sure, but Jessica and Dean enjoyed taking a dive into the glorious and grim world of big-country Wyoming. Another gem by Taylor Sheridan that is replete with excellent characters, a beautifully shot and hard countryside, and a rather sad tale of life lost on an Arapahoe reservation. Special thanks again to all of the backers of this guild bounty.

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Looking Back on Star Trek: Insurrection

Star Trek: Insurrection


Let’s face it. Star Trek: Insurrection, the third installment in The Next Generation’s film run, is not one of the most loved in the franchise. Though enjoyable on many levels, its light-hearted tone, short run time, and the absence of Industrial Light and Magic in the effects department has led many to see it as little more than an extended episode of the TV show rather than a rousing cinematic experience.

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1-13: Battlestar Galactica “Kobol’s Last Gleaming: Part 2”

Matthew had a few gripes with the finale, but his mind is “spinning with Cylon conspiracy thoughts” and he can’t wait to hit you with his theories. Dean recalls the first time he watched this episode and the level of excitement he felt when Adama and Rosalyn went head-to-head. Dean is also a big fan of Chief Tyrol and Colonel Tigh this week. Overall, a great dramatic finish!

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#247: Johnny Mnemonic

Another bad flick, and this time we are joined by Christopher from to help us out with the smart parts. Although Johnny Mnemonic is bad it is at least fun and charming in its 90s’ness. Halt sinners!

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11-8: The X-Files “Familiar”

The X-Files goes back to its wooded roots with “Familiar” and the lads dig it. Listen on as they try to figure out rampaging cops, Chief Strong’s angular features, and predators both sexual and canine. Pro tip: don’t let your children watch Biggletiggles or Mr. Chuckleteeth.

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1-12: Battlestar Galactica “Kobols Last Gleaming: Part 1”

The lads talk Gaius (and how baffling he is), Six’s apparent jealousy, Cylon motivation, Starbuck’s choice, and the growing sympathies that they both share for Boomer.

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11-7: The X-Files “Rm9sbG93ZXJz”

Josh says he’ll never shake a robots hand, but Dean contends that if he did (in the not too distant future) – he wouldn’t ever realize it. Are you pro-robot? Are you a dirty collaborator? If you watch BSG then you know what happens to them. Lots going on this week, but woe to the robot sympathizer – you’ll get no quarter here.

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