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7-1: Game of Thrones “Dragonstone”

Jessica and Dean had plenty to say about the 7th season premiere of Game of Thrones. Jessica and Dean were both fans of the cold open with Walder Frey, but they disagrees on the poop and soup montage. Dean was a fan, and Jessica could do without it – especially on a re-watch. Dean and Jessica both consider how powerful and capable that Arya is, and they doubt there is much that could stop Arya from getting to Cersei, which is why they think something will distract Arya off that course. The Hound continues to be the shining character, and he now carries the slogan, “The Hound Makes Everything Better.” The disagreement between Jon and Sansa provides some thought (and debate) provoking discussion between not just the hosts, but the glorious and intelligent listeners. Dean briefly covers the Greyjoy Rebellion to give context to Euron’s discussion with Cersei. The deadpool came up empty this week, but we expect some carnage in the near future. Overall, a great and necessary table-setter for the 7th season.

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Matthew is back from the dead and he joins Dean to discuss the only film that John Carpenter ever directed that got an Academy Award nomination. That’s right! Jeff Bridges got a nod for Best Actor from his performance in Starman. Matthew was delighted by Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of a alien who fell to Earth. Dean, an admitted Bridges fan, landed on the opposite end of the “Bridges is great in this movie” spectrum. Dean is on record saying that Bridges, at times, was “very punchable.” They both agreed that the military stuff in the movie lacked any nuance, but they are both on-board with the structure and pacing. Join the lads as they take a romp through 80s science fiction.

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Game of Thrones Season 7: Preview/Primer

Jessica and Dean are back and talking “Game of Thrones.” This is just a quick hello to our new listeners as well as a welcome back to our old faithful. Listen as Jessica and Dean get into their hopes and expectations for the upcoming season as well as some brief GoT Deadpool discussion. Oh, and finally… Jorah Mormont swings by for a quick “hello”.

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The Hunt for Red October

This week Dean is joined by Josh and they are breaking down “The Hunt for Red October” a film that the two of them have watched together dating back to the 90s. Although Josh is an admitted fan-boy of Harrison Ford (who is more well known that Baldwin for playing Jack Ryan), he found Baldwin’s performance perfect for the character. Dean and Josh both get into the fantastic cast and wonderful editing in this (we are calling it) military thriller. Don’t worry, plenty of jokes are had at Tim Curry’s portrayal of den-mother (read: hopeful lover) Dr. Petrov and his insistent care for all the sinewy seamen under his charge (read: he wants to bang them). Special thanks to all of the listeners who chipped in to get this guild bounty covered.

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GoT Deadpool FAQ | Season 7

Season 7 is almost here, so it’s time for the Deadpool to drop. For some logistical reasons it is not being hosted on the main LSG site, and is instead occupying its own little slice of the internet.

To visit the live site for weekly updates visit:

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Open Range

The lads finish up the ‘Prugh Trilogy’ this week by getting into the nitty-gritty of Open Range. By the end of this week’s episode you will know all about awful Irish villains and their fey allies, you’ll get a glimpse into the finer points of contraception (involving your stetson) in the Old West, and the real possibility of two-headed babies from late-forties parents. Make sure you got your plots dug before you get with the baby making. Matthew and Dean do manage to get to the movie between ludicrous scenarios that have nothing to do with this film. You’ve been warned.

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The Martian

Matthew and Dean are joined by Daniel James Barker from the Uncertainty Principle Podcast. Daniel brings his physics expertise along with his perspective on the book (which Matt and Dean DID NOT read), and lends some unique perspective to this week’s episode. Although a trained physicist, Daniel isn’t much of a network tech. He experienced some internet issues along the way, but like Mark Watney, he never gave up. Join Matthew, Dean, and Daniel as they discuss the finer points of “The Martian” — like how this film is a sequel to “Good Will Hunting.” Enjoy!

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The Last Samurai

Matthew and Dean discuss the film at length, but they also dive into some of the interesting and conflicting history of Bushido and the samurai. Disclaimer: they aren’t historians. They just read a couple articles and are now regurgitating those findings for all of you. That’s not to say that there is not quite a bit of thought-provoking stuff going on this week. On the contrary, the podcast episode launched into some very cool theories (and a few facts) surrounding the mysterious samurai. We hope you enjoy this conversation in English.

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Man on Fire (2004)

If you were to describe Matthew and Dean’s discussion about Man on Fire you’d likely come up with an adjective they used to describe the editing of this film: herky-jerky. Right out of the gates Matthew admits to not being a fan of this flick. Dean has a confession of his own… until covering this film, he’d never seen the film in totality. For 13 years he told people it was great. Does he still feel the same? One thing both of our glorious hosts agree on is that Denzel is always awesome, and he and Dakota are outstanding.

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3-8: The Leftovers “The Book of Nora”

The Leftovers is over, but don’t worry Jessica and Dean are here to get you through it with the help of our loyal listeners who put forth many great comments on this episode and the series as a whole. Jessica and Dean are both high on this episode as it delivers on the premise put forth in season one: this is a series about the characters and their struggles post-departure more than it is about the “truth” of the departure. Another phenomenal acting display by both Theroux and Coon, and an unexpected appearance by Amy Brennemen. Was the appearance of Laurie good or bad for the story as a whole? Does it matter? All this and more on this week’s episode of, Sudden Departure: A Leftovers Podcast.

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Matthew and Dean go deep with Arrival. They have a blast talking about all the important things in Arrival, like how this isn’t the Charlie Sheen movie, how HIV doesn’t reach base as often as it once did, and how time paradoxes, non-linear time, and linguistics work. Disclaimer: Matthew and Dean aren’t quite smart enough to talk about this movie, but you can be assured that you will smile while listening to this, and if not you can draw some complaints with inky-black alien spunk and send them to Enjoy!

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