Lion and the Rose

59-Game of Thrones #32 “Lion and the Rose”


-The reformed Joffrey… just kidding
-A deeper look at Ramsay Snow
-A deeper look at Reek
-A deeper look at the Florents
-Theon Greyjoy, a broken man
-The most tense shaving scene of all time
-Roose Bolton’s hot wife
-Stannis’s crazy pigeon eating wife
-The Red Priestess and the wacky God sex cult
-Check-in scenes
-”When you warg it makes me feel…” (Bran’s intervention)
-Jessica gives some more love
-Tree visions – cheesiest thing in the series yet
-Is Bran the least interesting major character in the show?
-What is the Varys angle in helping Tyrion?
-Shae is losing me..
-The boy who cried wolf and then was eaten
-Eff the King!
-Grandma Tyrel & Tywin’s chat
-Oberyn’s quiet confidence
-Is Margarey motivated by power?
-Jessica’s worst fears are confirmed. Joffrey is gifted a sword.
-The arrest of Tyrion
-Who killed Joffrey?

“You better believe I’ll be lurking in the shadows.”

It’s tough to top an episode like last week’s, especially when there is about to be a very predictable boot. But Survivor did it’s best to make this snooze-worthy three days on the island entertaining for viewers, and I have to give them credit for the effort.

The former members of new Aparri are obviously not happy with Kass upon getting back to camp. “She’ll go wherever her estrogen takes her,” Spencer says about his new mortal enemy. Not sure that Kass’ estrogen is her problem, but Spencer got enough flak on Twitter for saying this, so I’ll let it slide.

Kass joins her new alliance by the fire, and plays the victim about how tough her life was on new Aparri. “When they sit back and think about what they did…” she whines.

Over inside the shelter, her old allies are like “Seriously, Kass?”

Spencer is so annoyed with Kass carrying on (and her estrogen) that he informs her talking strategy with her would be an embarrassment. I am inclined to agree– Kass seems to have made no strategic decisions this whole game– instead she just votes wherever her emotions lead her, right or wrong.

The Kass hate didn’t die down after that night either– because the next morning, Kass decided she needed a new enemy now that Sarah is hanging out at Ponderosa. Her choice? Morgan.


Morgan is just hanging out in the shelter, looking cute, minding her own business, when Kass starts ragging on her for being lazy. LJ loves this, as he hates Morgan and her hotness, and cheers Kass on silently out of Morgan’s eyesight. Kass talks about how Morgan doesn’t get water, and Morgan is mean to her.

“You know you have a fourteen year old dog, that you’re just keeping alive because you love it?” Kass asks the viewers. “You don’t mind that it pees on the floor and you have to feed it, but all it really does it sit there. That’s Morgan.”

Now, this may be my background working with animals coming out, but to me this is pretty much an awful thing to say. And on top of that it doesn’t make sense. How is Morgan really like this old dog? She hasn’t peed in the rice. And Kass certainly doesn’t love her. But it is quite the memorable sound byte, despite the little sense it makes.

Morgan counters Kass’ old dog insult with, “I feel like she’s just a bitter, ugly old lady. This is going to sound conceited but… I think she hates me because I’m cuter than her.” While a lot of people hated on Morgan for being kind of a bitch, I really can’t. Because at least this insult made some form of sense, whether it was true or not. I’m with you so far, Morgan. But you certainly don’t seem to have learned from Heidi Strobel’s mistakes in regards to talking about how cute you are compared to the old ladies. And man, you are getting a lot of screen time today….


Our castaways are split into teams for the next reward challenge– which will be a trip to the Outback Steakhouse! Somewhere, Sandra Diaz Twine is very jealous– she loves the Outback.

The teams have to go through a series of obstacles in the water including a giant teeter-totter and a balance beam. Once everyone is back on shore, they have to drag a chest to a tower. All team members must climb the tower, and then hoist up the chest. Finally– you guessed it!– two people have to put together a puzzle.

Woo was the only person to really falter on the balance beam– perhaps the high tech shoes that won him immunity last week aren’t as good for running on a beam. But still, the two teams were pretty close… until, predictably, one team pulled ahead on the puzzle.

The second LJ and Spencer were put on the same team, I think it was pretty clear that the puzzle was theirs to lose. And despite the other team having a slight lead, LJ and Spencer got through that puzzle like it was nothing– meaning they got to eat steak and drink the new Pineapple Rita with Jefra, Morgan, and Jeremiah.


While they are there enjoying the food, Spencer is lucky enough to discover the clue to a hidden immunity idol in his napkin. I am well aware everyone thinks this was planted by production. But I have to point out– the Outback hostess did tell everyone to take a seat wherever they wanted. So I am not with the conspiracy theorists on this one.

Our losers go back to camp, while Trish and Tony try to ask Kass to pick who will go home next. She tells them she doesn’t want to be the decider– which is funny, because she wanted to be the decider last week, and will end up making the decision again this week. She then tells the audience she isn’t in an alliance, and considers herself a free agent… which is weird, because I was pretty sure she left one alliance to join the other?

Finally, Kass tells Tony and Trish, “I’m not a flipper.”

Oh, Kass. Really? Do you really believe what you are saying right now?

When everyone returns to camp, Spencer takes off into the woods to read his idol clue while a small rain storm passes. And it is at this point that we meet Woo.


Now, I know he looks vaguely familiar. He actually won the first individual immunity challenge! But let’s be honest… when you are listing all the castaways left in the game, you forget Woo every time. He has been a non-entity. Until right about now.

You see, apparently Woo is a huge Survivor fan. He knows someone must have gotten a clue on that reward, and he is about to go #ninjastealthmode.

Spencer is hunting for the idol, with Woo spying on him from the woods. Somehow, Woo loses his cover and the two cross paths. “You go on a walk?” Woo asks Spencer nonchalantly. “I’m just taking a walk myself.”

Then Woo sees Spencer’s pants and shoes, and kindly calls over to let Spencer know he left them behind…. just as the clue falls out. And Woo starts running. In his own words: “I hightail it– boom!– Sonic the Hedgehog style.”

Woo goes back to camp to get his allies involved, which I don’t think is a bad move. He could use help searching, and if he doesn’t go back to camp and tell everyone, Spencer certainly will. He asks LJ for help, and heads back out to search.  LJ explains the situation to Tony, who loves craziness like this, and goes running into the woods carrying the Hawaiin Sling– which will apparently help him while idol-hunting.


Spencer realizes how quickly the idol is slipping through his fingers, and goes to gather his “troops” as well. Suddenly, we have mass chaos (not Chaos Kass) as ten people hunt for one hidden immunity idol.

Tony knows this search is serious because “Morgan, the girl that you can’t tell if she’s a pillow or a person because she doesn’t do anything,” is actually searching as well.

“Is everyone looking at this point?!” Spencer asks Jeremiah in disbelief, who responds in the affirmative.

Woo has been watching Spencer, but has to talk to some people, so he puts Kass on baby-sitting duty. Spencer and Kass stand side by side, digging in a mud wall. “I’m not necessarily down with what Woo did,” Kass tells Spencer, “But I think it’s karma for your behavior last night.”

Spencer apologizes while I say, “Grow up, Kass.”

Now, during this exchange,  Spencer has discovered the idol itself. And the second Kass looks away, he stuffs it in his pants and walks off. Apparently Woo left the wrong person on Spencer duty.

Now– it turns out this idol is a normal immunity idol, as opposed to a Yul Kwon/Terry Dietz idol. Which is fine by me– as my preference would be if no one found the God idol all season, and producers realized that, just like the last time they tried it, it’s a huge mistake.

This episode’s immunity challenge was one I really enjoyed. I like challenges with an element of endurance, which this one had. People always impress you. Today, everyone had to stand on their toes with a block on their head for as long as possible. The block is basically wedged between their head and a piece of wood– moving in the slightest loses this challenge. This is a tough one.

Kass is out almost immediately, followed by Jeremiah and Trish. I think Tony went out because he attempted to scratch his beard. There are flies landing all over everyone, and to be honest, it’s pretty disgusting to watch. Morgan goes out, followed by Woo.

At this point, I am so impressed with Jefra. I already decided I loved Jefra last week, and I love her even more this week. She goes out around the one hour mark, and LJ goes down a little awhile after her. In the end, Spencer finally beats Tasha after about an hour and a half– a truly impressive showing from both of them.

image“Been dreaming about this for a long time,” Spencer tells Jeff as he gets the individual immunity necklace.

The new alliance of six– that Kass insists she is not a part of– gets together to discuss the vote. Trish and Jefra want to vote out Tasha, which is a smart move, since she is both a physical and social threat. Tony disagrees and says they should vote Morgan out, because she doesn’t deserve to be there. To me, this is code for, “we have to vote out who Kass wants or risk her flipping again.”

The other side decides to throw their votes at Tony, in the hope that maybe he will say something stupid at Tribal which will cause Kass to sway. Spencer does go to talk to Kass one-on-one before the vote, but it seems like a half-assed attempt to gain her loyalty. He knows he is safe, so he doesn’t have to try too hard.

Still, Kass continues to call herself a free agent. “I am willing to play this game,” Kass says. “I do trial by ambush… I love the ambush.”

We know, Kass.

Jeff really tried to keep us on our toes at Tribal, and Kass tried to make sure everything was always about her. Kass says, “Jeff, obviously I was the wind that blew threw” the last Tribal. Sarah does her best Eliza Orlins impression in the jury box and rolls her eyes.

We do get a few good moments– Morgan says, “If any person in the world could decide to be ugly or cute, most would pick cute.” Later, Jefra tries to explain that their alliance is like a chain to convince Kass that she is not on the bottom. Tony says he feels confident Kass will stick with them.

“Tony, if I may…” Jeff counters, “She’s unpredictable.”

And with that…. Morgan is predictably voted out of the game.



I really do feel like the producers did a lot with a little, but I am also starting to worry that we are in the midst of a Pagonging, and another couple of boring episodes await us before the new Power Six need to turn on each other.

Two Swords

56-Game of Thrones #31 “Two Swords” (REPUBLISHED)


The 4th season has premiered and I am proud to present the Liberty Street Geek’s first podcast episode covering HBO’s incredible television series, Game of Thrones. Lending some feminine charm and perspective to the podcast is Jessica Vezina! Join me in welcoming her to the podcast. Jessica typically covers reality television, and this is her first podcast ever. I am excited to have her as my partner in crime with one of my favorite shows of all time. Although I have read Storm of Swords, I do NOT spoil anything beyond the current episode that I am covering, but I will lend some perspective on things that aren’t covered in the show (at least when I remember the details), and hopefully that perspective helps you get more out of each episode. Enjoy LSG’s first podcast episode covering, Game of Thrones.


The Hunted

55-Star Trek: TNG #58 “The Hunted”


-Remembering VHS
-My resistance to TNG as a kid
-Not liking Picard when I was younger
-Remembering the 3rd and 4th seasons
-The commentary of “The Hunted” as it relates to Vietnam veterans
-The differences between liking this episode now and then
-Sometimes Picard just wants a day off
-The recycled actors of Star Trek
-Troi’s real reason for wanting to help Roga Danar
-Worf getting 1950s wrestling strikes from a (not so) puny human
-Picard’s excellent final scene on Angosia III

The Five Act Structure in Television Drama (60  minutes)
Teaser- Danar escapes Enterprise
Open Credits
Act 1- Danar’s expertise is revealed – he is captured by Worf & Riker
Act 2- Troi investigates Danar’s origins with Data
Act 3- Picard gets involved in the investigation – Danar escapes
Act 4- Danar eludes the crew again, defeats Worf, beams away
Act 5/Tag (or cliff)- Picard lectures Nyrok  and leaves him to his own mess


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